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How to use a Pendulum

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M129. Sterling Silver Celtic Chambered Pendulum with Moldavite. $179.00 
With a Celtic triquetra "three knots" design. This hinge-topped SS pendulum holds moldavite. SS chain. A small black velvet pouch is included with your purchase. Just look inside! The top of the pendulum is actually (a hinge topped) lid of a hidden compartment that conceals a high vibrational  piece of moldavite.  The pendulum holder has a small moldavite cabochon accent. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver with a Beautiful Silver Celtic Design.

The pendulum allows the average person to  communicate with your Divine Intuitive Self:  Do you have difficulty distinguishing psychic guidance from your own thoughts? If you are not psychic you probably do. A pendulum can be the first step in learning how to receive intuition for your growth and  healing.  Remember there is no right way for everyone to dowse, and as you practice at dowsing, you'll find what works best for you. Psychic forces guide the path of the swing of the pendulum in regards to a Yes or No question. 

Suggestions on How to Use a Pendulum:
The ideomotor responses have been used in therapy requiring hypnotism and dowsing for decades. The subconscious mind is in charge of all autonomic body functions.  The ideomotor movement is one of the most valuable tools of locating hidden messages that cause problems.  A pendulum is a tool used to tap into our subconscious mind and higher self. A pendulum monitors the responses of the unconscious mind through a body movement.   Use it by establishing "yes" and "no" directions. Once you have learned this simple dowsing   process  ask important questions.  This method is fast and accurate. It's fun! It will become an automatic process with practice.  The pendulum should be used to identify information in the subconscious without hypnosis and  without the use of a trance.

Establishing Yes/No Responses:
Draw a circle on a piece of paper and bisect it with two straight lines at right angles.   Ask question with a known affirmative or yes answer. Ask the subconscious to move the pendulum in a "yes" direction.  Standard yes direction - Hold the pendulum up and swing it back and forth. Example: "This is like nodding your head "yes". Standard no direction - Move the pendulum from side to side.   "This is like shaking your head "no".   Standard  I don't know - Circular direction in either clockwise circle = I don't know and/ or I won't tell = counter-clockwise circle.  After all of the responses are determined (all 4) confirm them by asking several "Yes/No" questions with known answers.  Always start by asking that  any blocks you may have be cleared. Usually the pendulum moves in a circular motion until finally it stops when the blocks have been cleared.  Always ask that you receive the true and correct answers which will be verified with a Yes motion. Always ask to connected with higher self.

Note: Much of the Info and suggestions are from the book:
Your Mind Net: Reprogramming the Subconscious
By Robert E. Detzler