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Paranormal Phone Help. Schedule your appointment today.  

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30-Minute Psychic Phone Reading.

60-Minute Psychic Phone Reading.

Paranormal Phone Consultation Session with Lori McDonald, RMT.

Lori offers paranormal phone consultations for her clients. 

Lori is a Paranormal Investigator and spiritual adviser,  living in Arizona. Do you need spiritual guidance? DO YOU NEED PEACE, HOPE AND SERENITY? Do you have questions about your future,  love relationship or job?  Are you living in a haunted home? Do you need answers about what might be causing paranormal activity?


Receiving a paranormal help over the phone is convenient way to talk about your most important paranormal issues and questions; allowing you to be flexible in the timing of setting up your appointment. When purchasing a paranormal phone consultation it is good to be specific with your questions, this allows her to give you, the client  more detailed information and answers.  


Paranormal Phone Help Form
Note: Upon receipt of payment  fill out the Phone Help Form above with your name, phone number, and the best time and date for the phone session.



Angelo from California, Thank you for the reading.

"Taking with you was both comforting and encouraging."


Ginny from Canton, N.C. Good morning Lori,
"Thank you so much for yesterday.  You were "spot on" with so many things.  The confirmations were so supportive of the things I had "seen", but could not confirm.  Thank you."


Sharon from PA; 
"Lori, Thank you so much for doing my reading. I can't believe how everything that you said was so real to me and it related to my everyday life! "


Nanci from Ohio; 
"Thanks - you are truly blessed in "knowing".

An from Los Angeles,California;
"Your reading coming to me like a shower in a drought season."and "I'm amazed at your ability to read. Yes there is a man coming to mewhich made me feel flattered because he is young and very smart."

Rochelle Rene from Mission Viejo, California; 
"Thank You so much for the truly accurate reading, it was worth the money."

Yvonne from Los Angeles, California;
"You are amazingly accurate! What would I do without you? You are truly gifted!"

Sloan Y. from Birmingham, Alabama;
"Thanks for the healing insights and words of wisdom.

Brian from Germany; 
"Your guidance and intuition was right on the money!"

Clara from Huntington Beach, California;
"She was fully present, I gained a lot of insight about myself from the reading."

Jeffrey from Bloomington, California; 
"Lori's reading was very accurate and detailed, I enjoyed the information that I received and I was able to use it to my benefit."

Michele from Scranton, Pennsylvania; 
"It was wonderful. Many thanks, Michele"

Please be open to any messages that come through. Must be 18+. For Entertainment Only. This information is offered here as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. By purchasing this reading you understand, comprehend and fully agreethat you will WAIVE any form of legal liability  to Lori McDonald