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Orb Examples
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Orb Examples

Many things contribute to photo anomalies:
Moisture,  Motion, Double Exposure,  Lens Refraction,  Glass Reflection, Lens Occlusion, Smoke,  Rain,  Bad Weather,  Fog, or an Optical Illusion.  9 times out of 10 orbs are caused by dust.

Hot tub steam or Pareidolia?
By Lori McDonald
Different examples of orbs
There are innumerable sources for orb manifestations: Orbs are caused by dust, pollen, moisture, fog, rain,  smoke,  "electronic pixel glitches," ambient geomagnetic energy discharge (earth energy), static discharge, and RARELY ghosts.
  In the past, everyone made a BIG deal out of photographing orbs. I remember the day I attended a new age lecture on ghosts and the speaker showed us a slide show of various orbs. He claimed one orb was "Aunt Betty" and another orb was "Grandpa  Timothy" and so on.  I found the whole idea to be unrealistic.  The speaker really needed a REALITY check.  Betty and Timothy were dust and pollen, plain and simple.  

Pareidolia, Matrixing, Simulacrum and the Paranormal - The human brain is wired to recognize faces. That's why it's so startling to sometimes see them in a paranormal picture. Most paranormal image (of a face in an orb) formations are completely random.

(Singular "Simulacrum")--Pronunciation: "sim-y&-'la-kr&m,--a Latin (simulare) term which means likeness. Is it a real image, or imagined? Simulacrum is based not on fact but on fantasy –no basis in reality. While some see the face of an angel, saint, or Monk others see the face of the
divine creator. It is the same effect that causes one to think that they see a recognizable human form or shape in the ecto fog images or a face in the middle of an orb photo or window reflection still image. The human brain is continually looking for significant visual patterns.
Spiral Pollen Orb
Dust Particle Orb
Caused by lense refraction.
Pollen orb.

Photo on the right: Common Orb with a nucleus: Many ghost investigators think that 

orbs are made up of spirit energy and register as high  EMF energy. 

Photo on the right: Dust in the air may cause orbs to change
color. Color Orbs come in
round and diamond shapes. Dust creates different colors.

Photo on the right: Fake Orbs Using Photo Shop.

ORB CAUSED BY A HAUNTING: Anomalous or unexplained energy caught on film usually in association with a haunting, high EMF readings, and cold spots. They range in a variety of size colors with the most common color being white. They appear bubble shaped and are usually spherical. TUBE: Anomalous or unexplained energy caught on film in association with a haunting. It is sometimes described as a vortex. It appears like a white or black tube in photos.   Many people have reported seeing orbs at crop circle formations or just after an earthquake.  It's rare to actually see an orb.