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Investigation Order
Investigation Order Form

Please Click on the Schedule Paranormal Investigation Service "Add to Cart" button now and Fill out the "Investigation Order" Form Below.

IMPORTANT: Upon receipt of payment, please fill out the Form below and hit the submit button  by scrolling down to the bottom.  Lori is fully qualified to assist you.

DONATION:1 Hour Paranormal Investigation Service $175.00 (Travel Fee may apply.)

I have helped many families in need. Donations are NOT necessary but are greatly appreciated.


Is the fear of living or working in a haunted site overwhelming and do you feel threatened by  paranormal activity?   Is your haunting caused by  an intelligent spirit, residual energy or natural causes? Do you need help?

As a paranormal investigator and empath, she uses psychic and investigatory methods to obtain credible data, photography and film of the paranormal and unexplained. 
During the investigation,  she will use her intuitive ability to sense a disturbance, presence or  haunting.  She will  walk through the house and measure the EMF energy, take thermal readings, interview all family members, take EVP digital recordings, EVP radio sweep, film hot spots with a night-shot video camera (with a special filter used to see paranormal images that are normally invisible to the human eye),  and take digital photos. Later, she will examine the data and write a case report with her findings.   If requested she will conduct a house blessing.
 NOTE:  She will guide and help you with advice, answers and information on how to deal with and understand a haunting or an incident of paranormal activity. She investigates with 1 other team member  (26+ years combined experience) rather than a large group, which she finds too overwhelming for t
he family in need of help. 
More about Lori McDonald...

Lori is  dedicated to seeking out, investigating, and documenting paranormal activities. SHE TAKES A NO NONSENSE APPROACH TO INVESTIGATING.  If you  need help 
click the link.  NOTE: Contrary to popular paranormal ghost TV shows, Lori doesn't feel that it is necessary to investigate in the dark, during the middle of the night or  during the "witching hour" of 3 a.m. Her investigations last approximately 1 hour, and usually take place during the day .  If you have activity, she will find it no matter what time it is. She works with 1 other team member  (26+ years combined experience) rather than a large group, which she finds too disruptive,  invasive and overwhelming to the family in need of help.  Lori is fully qualified to assist you.



Do you know what causes a demonic infestation? Do you know the reason why you have experienced paranormal activity? Lori can help you.
IMPORTANT: Lori knows the difference between a human haunting and demonic infestation. There are  three different levels of demonic  activity.  She will  determine  if the paranormal events were caused by a demonic infestation, human earthbound soul/ghost, or a residual haunting.  She will help guide you with  answers and information  about  why you have paranormal activity,  the type,   cause or focal point and  if you need an investigation or  a house blessing. LORI IS FULLY QUALIFIED TO HELP YOU.

Trained clergy definition: Each Catholic diocese is expected to have at least one designated exorcist. Exorcisms are generally low-profile. The theatrics one sees on television are not typical of most exorcisms. During the Sacrament of Baptism, the priest actually says prayers of exorcism. So, in this sense, exorcisms happen daily in the Roman Catholic Church. The prayers for the specific ritual of exorcism are yet found in the Rituale Romanum, a standard book of rituals for Catholic priests. In order for an ordained priest to perform the rites of exorcism, he must first obtain the permission of the bishop.  Before a bishop can sanction an exorcism, doctors and psychiatrists must agree there could be something beyond a medical condition. In order to obtain the help of clergy or an exorcist you will be required to do the following. First Step: Get a complete and thorough medical exam. Second Step: A complete and thorough psychological examination by no less than two psychologists or mental health therapists. The examinations are used to eliminate schizophrenia, epilepsy, dissociative disorders (multiple personality) and any other illnesses which might mimic possession. The act of exorcism is considered to be a dangerous spiritual task. Call Lori to help you determine if your haunting was caused by a true demonic infestation or caused by a human soul.