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Fake Ghost Photos
Scroll down below for more info fake ghost photos.

Fake Ghost Photos
Many of the "ghost" photos are in reality ghost app images.  Example below. 
Shadow Man Apparition

"This is Janet I am writing back to you in regards of the photo that I took in Europe. The photo was taken some time back when my husband and I were on vacation visiting some old castles in Scandinavia. We went from town to town marveling at the beauty of the country. As we were visiting a castle outside, we felt a little out of place. Often we felt as if people were walking right in front of us, yet no one was within miles of us. Even though we felt quit uncomfortable we enjoyed the beauty of the ruins. I took several pictures and upon developing them noticed the strange figures present. Never before in my life have I believed in Ghosts but after viewing the photos I ask my self what else could this be? I am aware that many people wont believe that the photo I sent you is real, but that is OK. Maybe it is best that some people do not believe. I know that I my self would never have before this occasion. I am 65 years old and have seen allot of things in my life but never have I seen anything like this."|

Hi Janet,

We have had a chance to analyze your photo and frankly, it appears to good to be true.  If this is a true ghost image than it is the greatest daylight haunting image in history.  After careful re-examination It is my opinion that this image looks as if it was manipulated by a very advanced photoshop type program because it is so crisp   and art nouveau, which is a style of art and photography such is in graphic art images used in  post cards and greeting cards.
Sincerely,  Lori McDonald
Copyright 2001 Lori McDonald

PhotoShop Hollywood Ghost!

PhotoShop Hollywood Ghost!
"Here there is a story about a ghost who allegedly killed one boy and made his friend paralyzed . The story told that once 2 friends went to a jungle (SUNDERBAND ) and flashed one photo in front of a tree. They came back home but later the boy in the photo died mystically and the other boy went to paralysis . When their friends framed photo they found the real reason in the photo. The photo showed a evil looking ghost standing beside the boy. This may be a real or fake story . I am sending the photo as a proof as attachment for your panel to determine it's authenticity. Waiting for your response."

To Whom It May Concern:
This is not an authentic evil ghost photo!

This is a Phony PhotoShop photo. The image is a composite image using a program similar to PhotoShop.The person in the white T-shirt appears to have been lifted off of another photo and pasted in. NOTE: the dark outline around the boy and his bag.  The Hollywood ghost has been manipulated. 
All though it was a nice try my personal opinion is that this is a FAKE!

Your Friend at
Lori McDonald

Copyright 2003 Lori McDonald -

The greatest apparition ever, if only it were real.

"i live in atlanta and take many photos of the city as i am working to perfect my craft (hobby), which is photography. since i dont sleep alot i'm mostly up at nite taking photos of the city nightlife and structures and what not. the included photo is one taken the thurday the 2003 NBA all-star weekend was to take place. the subject was to be the club across the street that was just renovated (i guess for the NBA weekend). i had originally driven past the club on the way to another location where you can see the cluster of hotels and companies downtown but i seen the blue glow of the club (which is my prefered color, dont ask why, i dont know.) and turned around to take the photo. just want a couple of opinions on the photo because i've take it to alot of people and like myself noone knows what to think. i dont look at the photo often cause it gives me the willies. but i am sending it to you."


"Sorry folks, it is my opinion only, that this is a fake! WHAT DO YOU THINK? I placed this in photoshop and lightened it up only to find a fine dark outline around the whole figure, which suggests that is was cut out and placed over or superimposed over the Atlanta night   club image. In addition, a careful examination of the jacket area shows the reflection of a high intensity flash used on the human subject prior to being manipulated into the nightclub image."

Sincerely,  Lori McDonald
 Copyright 2003 Lori McDonald -

Silay City Airport Ghost is a HOAX! Nice Try!

Copyright 2008 Lori McDonald -

I analyzed the photo below in photoshop. Sorry to say, this is a fake!

"Hi there

My name is Mary My sister has taken these photos. I believe there is a ghost in our house. Are you able to tell me if these are real or a fault in the camera? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Submitted By: Mary
Victorian Fake Ghost

Sorry this is another Fake ghost photo! 

"Hi, I had this email sent to me today, Tuesday 9th March, from a friend named Stix. I have no idea if its genuine but Stix assures me that the guy who took the photo is very honest. The story goes that the man who took the picture of his daughter had been noticing that things have been mysteriously moved all around the house since they moved into their new place. The baby's toys keep going missing and turning up in strange places! The other day he took a photo of his little girl and this strange figure appeared in the fire place. It looks like a Victorian woman to me, I just hope its not a new phone application that allow people to manipulate pictures and engineer hoaxes. As I said before though the guy who took the snap does have a very sincere reputation. Please let me know what you think about this, kind regards," 

Submitted By: Col Foster, from Brierley hill, west midlands.

Fake Photo Hoax
We received an email from Trey Waters saying "Long story short...when we had developed the pictures at a local Walmart I noticed a strange being standing inside the cave."  I replied that is looked like a plastic gremlin toy and he admitted it was a Hoax. 
Creature, Gremlin, Demon or Elf?
This is a HOAX!!!!

"Hi Trey, Your creature looks like a toy Gremlin made of plastic. The same Gremlin that was featured in the Movie Gremlin. It looks like the pointed ears were blacked out by PhotoShop."
Regards, Lori McDonald

"Friday the 13th Death Ghost"
"My son took the pic at his wrk with a normal phone camera. The girl standing in the pic with her eyes closed works with my son and had a recent death in the family. This is why I thought maybe the figure was the girl who passed over.  The image is exactly as he took it. When he did show the girl the pic she was very scared and does not want to talk about it. But somehow I hve a feeling it was an accidental pic or maybe the figure wanted to be seen. Prior to my son taking this pic he experienced strange behavior in his room at 2 in the morning. He was awoken by the vacuum cleaner coming on however the plug was off. We also hve been seeing a lot of small orbs around our house inside. My husband and I hve been studing the unknown and paranormal for many years and that pic really looks authentic."

Sorry this is a fake!  
Lori McDonald