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Abstract Fluid Artist
Angel of Peace
Angel of Hope
Angel of Happiness
Angel of Love
Angel of Water
Angel of Serenity
5. Title: Festival
Medium: Acrylic  
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art
7. Title: Cosmic Black Hole
Medium: Acrylic
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art. 

Lori McDonald Art

Abstract fluid artist
All Lori McDonald Art Copyright 2017 Lori McDonald All Rights Reserved.
Title: Summer Beach
Mixed media: Sea shells, mica,  pigments, acrylic paint, ink,  glitter
Substrate: wood panel 16 X 20 inch
1. Title: Kaleidoscope
Medium: Resin mixed with paint,  pigments,  and mica
Substrate: Wood panel
Resin Fluid Art
2. Title: Heavenly
Medium: Resin mixed with paints, pigments, and mica
Substrate:  Large wood panel
Resin Fluid Art
3. Title: Negative Space
Medium: Acrylic 
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art 
4. Title: Space
Medium: Acrylic 
Substrate:  Canvas
Fluid Art 
6. Title: Serenity Ocean
Medium: Resin, mixed with paints, pigments and mica powder.
Substrate: Wood Panel 24 x 30 inch.