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Abstract Fluid Artist
Angel of Peace
5. Title: Festival
Medium: Acrylic  
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art
7. Title: Cosmic Black Hole
Medium: Acrylic
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art. 

Lori McDonald Art

Abstract fluid artist
All Lori McDonald Art Copyright 2018 Lori McDonald All Rights Reserved.
Acrylic on canvas Fluid Art by Lori McDonald
Lori McDonald Art
Fluid Art by Lori McDonald
Rainbow Nebula Art by Lori McDonald
Geode Art
Lori McDonald Art. I painted an IKAT style acrylic painting on a 24 x 20 canvas.
Lori McDonald Art
Lori McDonald Angel Art
Aerial View Beach Art. 
My booth at the arts festival.  
My fluid art Clocks, Angel Cards, and Coasters were popular.
My booth at the Maricopa Arts Festival 2017.  
I had an outstanding day and met so many wonderful people.
Fluid art Clocks, Coasters, and Angel Print Cards.
Mini fluid art Canvases, Coasters, and Christmas Ornaments.
Resin Fluid art on round wood panels, Acrylic on canvas with resin seal,  and Beach Resin Art.
Title: Abyss
Medium: Acrylic
Substrate: 24 x 36 " canvas
Title: Summer Beach
Mixed media: Sea shells, mica,  pigments, acrylic paint, ink,  glitter
Substrate: wood panel 16 X 20 inch
1. Title: Kaleidoscope
Medium: Resin mixed with paint,  pigments,  and mica
Substrate: Wood panel
Resin Fluid Art
2. Title: Heavenly
Medium: Resin mixed with paints, pigments, and mica
Substrate:  Large wood panel
Resin Fluid Art
3. Title: Negative Space
Medium: Acrylic 
Substrate: Canvas
Fluid Art 
4. Title: Space
Medium: Acrylic 
Substrate:  Canvas
Fluid Art