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Coolidge author's 1st book goes supernatural.
Reported by Robbie Gal: Lori McDonald has published her first book, which concerns helping people who believe they are haunted by paranormal activity.

Posted: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 1:00 am

A Coolidge resident and Arizona native has recently published a book about helping those haunted by paranormal activity in their homes.

She realized that she was in for a life of helping people who had experienced paranormal activity when she was a little child and had experiences herself.

Today, Lori McDonald, who grew up in Mesa, but now makes her home Coolidge, has published her first book called “Help for the Haunted.”

“I started helping people over 15 years ago,” McDonald said. “I have helped them and advised them and went on many investigations. The main thing is I just decided that I would write this book and I feel that a lot of people are living in a haunted environment and they think they are hopeless and helpless and I wanted to give people good advice.”

McDonald said that she knows a lot of people feel “hopeless” because of all the phone calls she continues to receive about paranormal activity. Which can be hearing things in your house, seeing ghosts or spirits, feeling a presence, etc.

“People living in haunted environments can be something like frightening things happening to them in their house that they don’t understand,” McDonald said. “There’s a whole list of items that can make people feel like they are living in a haunted house and they want help.”

She said she wrote the book because she wants to help. But simply that she wants to help people take control.

“I wrote this so that people can reclaim their homes, they no longer have to be the victim of the paranormal,” McDonald said. “This book will give the necessary tools to take charge and reclaim their house.”

McDonald said that 99 percent of the time you can deal with the paranormal activity with the spiritual side of cleansing.

“You can clear a house,” McDonald said. “A haunting can occur on the physical and spiritual level.”

And you can deal on the physical level with cameras and recorders, sensors and meters, something Lori has successfully documented on film before. Even prior to digital, which she said is rare today. 

But McDonald said that is only half of the battle. The other half is the spiritual cleansing whether it’s prayers of protection and let them know how to clear their “sacred space.”

“I also teach them the difference between a ghost and different levels of activity in the home,” she said. “Maybe it’s a ghost that they see every night at the same time and same place but it never makes eye contact with them.”

She can help people dealing with paranormal activity at many levels. And why write a book?

“It came to me in a dream,” McDonald said. “I had a dream where it was all mapped out and there was an outline and everything. And from that moment on writing it took only 30 days.”

And McDonald doesn’t charge someone to come out and help them, but she requires a report in full. She gets the report and determines what is going on before she even sets foot in the home. Standard procedure she says.

In addition McDonald will help someone who has been dealing with paranormal activity on a regular basis for a long time, or a family has reached out to her about their loved one or friend. Or even if they have moved into a home that may be haunted. She just wants to help.

The official release date of Keyhole Publishing for “Help for the Haunted” was Oct. 31.

For more information or to order Lori McDonald’s paperback book, go to amazon.