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Awards Won Specializing in best online shopping for metaphysical jewelry, healing crystals and gemstones. Perfect website for anyone interested in the paranormal, ghosts, haunting, alien abduction or UFO sighting.

Welcome to Awards won at was launched 1998.  It is an alien, UFO, ghost website and crystal business that is owned and operated by Lori McDonald. This website offers the best on-line shopping for hard to find metaphysical jewelry, healing crystals and gemstones. As a third degree Reiki Master Teacher, each item was carefully chosen for the therapeutic properties and healing effects.  Also, this website is perfect for anyone who has had an encounter with the paranormal, a ghost, haunting, alien abduction or UFO sighting.    If you are experiencing an active haunting and need help contact us today to schedule your appointment. 
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In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.
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